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Facebuilding expert
Launched a two-month course on facebuilding. Absolute face transformation and long-lasting effect
Founder of TOPSTRETCHING®, a network of stretching studios
Opened 19 stretching studios throughout the world
About the course
The most powerful tool for complete transformation from head to toe.

We begin to pump your body gradually, according to my verified over the years and working scheme, from simple to complex. By the end of the course you will be able to do what seemed impossible!

You don't need any special equipment to work, only a stable Internet connection (at least 10MB/s) and a good mood.
The course includes: powerful pumping of the entire body (arms, back, abs, cortex, quadriceps), work with your feet and posture, and of course, stretching lessons — all this WITHOUT ADDITIONAL WEIGHT, you will get a light relief and a toned body without excessive muscle growth.

And of course, my sensational author's technique for facebuilding (face pumping) — 30 interesting and high-quality lessons developed by me personally, aimed at pumping, stretching and relaxing spasmodic facial muscles (for those who frown more often than they notice it), neck and improving the skin condition of the face!
Complete course
  • We train every day for 2 months (during the first month with a break for one day off per week, so that's easier for you to enter the regime)
  • Access to the course – 2 months from the day of purchase
  • Tips and recommendations on nutrition and skin care
  • Support of personal curator for any questions
  • Complete body transformation and a long-lasting effect
  • Possibility to freeze the course for up to 20 days
  • For any level of training, from the basics we are going to top
I purchased the course. What's next?
After purchasing you will receive an e-mail with an access to the platform. If the e-mail doesn't come, please check your spam folder or contact technical support.
What are the possible contraindications for your courses?
There are no contraindications for facebuilding exercises, with an exception for recently underwent facial operations, injections, pathologies of the facial nerve, jaw joint, changes in the cervical spine.

As for Full Body, this course has no restrictions on age or other criteria. The basis is a consultation with your doctor. If you have recently suffered injuries, have any disease, are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant – be sure to consult your doctor.
Is the access to the course unlimited?
The access is granted for 2 months from the date of purchase, depending on the chosen course. You can prolong the expiration date if necessary.
How to freeze the course?
If you can't do exercises for some reason, you can freeze the course for up to 20 days. The access to the course is not consumed during freezing. You don't need to provide medical certificates or any other documents.
Get advice about the course
If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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