Make your skin look younger within 2 months with these exercises
Facebuilding 2.0
Become the best version
of you without any |
The Facebuilding 2.0 online course from Anne Kanyuk is not just a set of exercises for your face but also a real possibility to transform it in a natural way.
You'll get the same results just like after plastic surgery or botox without harming your face and keeping your body healthy!
We've prepared more than 60 exercises for the main facial muscles. Doing those exercises regularly will allow you to sculpt and maintain a youthful face for decades to come. You'll get the desired result in no time!
You'll get the desired result in no time!

you'll notice your face improve in only 7 days
Step by step
we improve our look
Online lessons
Quality exercises using detailed video courses
Convenient website
You'll find everything on our convenient web site. there is also an application.
Step by step
The online lessons will be available one by one
15-20 minutes
Each lesson will take you 15-20 minutes on average to complete
You can reach incredible results spending only 10-15 minutes a day, completing easy exercises.
My path in facebuilding
You can improve your face and stay young for decades practicing facebuilding
I used to struggle with many facial problems
Shadows under the eyes
Acne and whiteheads
facial asymmetry
Oily, unpleasant skin
Puffiness, uneven skin tone
Wrinkles on the face
All this has to be disguised by make up whilst spending a lot of time and money
Throughout life, girls spend an average of:
~800 days
tones of nerves on make-up
I've uncovered the world of facebuilding and said goodbye to all these problems
Toned my cheekbones and plumped up my lips.
Corrected the form of my eyes and nose.
Got rid of the nasolabial fold.
Got rid of shadows under my eyes.
Reduced facial asymmetry to a minimum.
got rid of double chin.
You can reach incredible results spending only 10-15 minutes a day, doing simple exercises!
Facebuilding isn't just facial gymnastics. It's a real possibility to transform your face
I don't think it's fair that so few girls know about facebuilding and instead opt for injections. I feel it is my duty to share with you the knowledge of how to be beautiful without going under the knife.
About me
I motivate 600 000 followers to train every day.
Master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics
Facebuilding expert
A co-founder of the TOPSTRETCHING® studios
I've launched my 2 month Facebuilding course. Total face transformation with lasting effects.
Founded 19+ stretching studios TOPSTRETCHING® around the world
Helped hundreds of women to reach their goals
I've produced and filmed a quality online course.
Started writing more about Facial gymnastics.
Backed it all up with my own results.
A free lesson on instagram
It is affordable for everyone.
Sign up and start your transformation now!
You'll find the lessons on our convenient web site
All videos available on my platform. Access from any device.
Duration of the course - 2 months
Performing exercises regularly will allow you to sculpt and maintain a youthful face at any age.
You'll spend 15−20 min a day for one lesson
Is 20 minutes a day too much to spend to become younger?
Can be done
at any age
No matter how old and fit you are.
Access to the course is granted for 60 days
Facebuilding 2.0
61 $
Full Body
(Stretch + Swap)
61 $
Facebuilding 2.0 +
Full Body (Stretch + Swap)
101 $
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